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Tuesday, 6th August 2019


Last month’s demo and workshop was very successful and members produced some really creditable work.  We pulled together all the techniques learnt in the previous workshops into a landscape/waterscape.

I demoed a very simple waterscape using graduated washes and showing aerial perspective for distance with more details in mid and foreground, and introducing reflections.




My demo piece

The following are examples of pictures which  were then produced.  Some members are still working on theirs.  Well done everyone.



Dina, work in progress

Our next demo/workshop will be looking at Collage techniques.  I’ll email you all with details,








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16th, April 2019


Well, here we are again after many weeks of inactivity on my website.  But there’s always plenty of activity in the Pantymwyn Art Group and lots of improvement to report.

We are now trying to have a different demo/workshop each month allowing the following weeks for practicing the new skills , or doing your usual thing.  We have already had Oil Pastels, Trees, Watercolour Pencils, and Pen & Wash.

I think the next workshop, in May, will be Watercolour Basics, due to popular demand.  


Now, here are some of your pictures produced in the last few weeks.  The first two are group pictures after the Pen & Wash workshop.  Some very creditable work here, well done everyone.



Acrylic by Carol H.
Pastel by Margaret
Watercolour cards by Pauline
Whimsical watercolour cards by Chris
Work in progress by Io

That’s all for this time, Folks.  Don’t forget to use the new Ideas File as a resource and you can add any requests for new workshops to the list at the front of the file.  See you soon,








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Friday, 28th September 2018


Hi All,


Sorry I didn't get to the Art Group on Tuesday, I was a bit 'under the weather', but I'm hoping to make it next week.


I'm sure I've thanked everyone by now , but a big thanks again to everybody who helped in any way to make our Helfa Gelf venture such a success.  

Here are a few pictures from the event.





Now, back to the Art Group pictures from the previous session.  A pastel by Margaret, and one by Vera, both showing the successful use of a complementary underpainting.  Well done.



Margaret's pastel
Vera's pastel


The following two pastels are from Liz's sketchbook and are delightful examples of her very painterly style.  The first is of Moel Famau in the snow and the second, a still life, is reminiscent of Cezanne's work.

Liz's pastel of Moel Famau
Liz's still life


If you wish to know more about the paintings, or would like to make a comment, please email:


Or use my contact form.

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